We offer a holistic health and wellness approach that stretches beyond the conventional western medicine. We aim not only to heal, but also to maintain health and wellness and vitality in life.


We serve those who are motivated to achieve and maintain their optimum health. We deal with specific health conditions and aim to enable our patients to take charge of their health and receive sustained results from there.


We offer detailed assessment of their symptoms against the key life events taking a life-course approach, as it has been evidenced that appearance of disease in later years of life is often rooted in life-experiences very early on in life.

Our philosophy

We work closely with our patients to develop a personalised health care action plan and help them to achieve their health goals in the form of coaching and support. The aim is to work along the medical science to bring about holistic health by restoring the body mind and spirit sync. This is achieved in collaboration with a range of therapists having reputable experience in their area of expertise.

We adopt a big-picture approach to healing where principles of functional medicine and holistic health guide detection of issues underlying the ill health and developing a specific, tailored plan to make steady progress towards health.  This involves acting for health at both gross and cellular level.

We encourage our patients to achieve balance of body-mind and spirit by making a positive change in 4 key life style factors that influence health in a big way – stress, sleep, physical movements and food.

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